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Why do you choose Minglian

hy do you choose MLT

1. Advanced technology of high-tech enterprises

Minglian has developed since 2007, and after 13 years of fission,
From production and processing to high-tech R & D, inspirational feedback to customers with better products;
Constantly innovating products has been recognized by media companies such as Trendy / Focus !

2.CCTV-China's preferred brand is trustworthy

After years of precipitation, Minglian has not only been recognized by our customers;
It was invited by Central CCTV,
Selected as China's preferred brand!

3.Quality assurance of high-quality management system Energy saving and environmental protection

Minglian production strictly follows the requirements of ISO quality system and other quality assurance systems:
Without letting go of every detail of product production, perfect delivery is the promise of Minglian;
All products of Minglian have passed 3C , CE , energy saving and environmental protection certification!

4. All-round technical support

Possessing a perfect technical guarantee system and more than ten years of technical experience have laid a good foundation for the efficient implementation of the national joint guarantee policy, and ensured that the products distributed to all parts of the country have no worries after sale.

5. Delivery guarantee of elevator advertising machine

Minglian has more than 2,000 square meters of factory,
Complete production equipment, skilled production process, 13 years of production experience,
Ensure that each customer's order is delivered on time and on quality!


Case References & Solutions

ase reference and Solution
---------------- Commercial Display Solution ----------------

Minglian has been engaged in the development and production of commercial display products for 13 years, and has various mature commercial display solutions.

Advertising machine customization

About Minglian

nter MLT
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Minglian Introduction

Shenzhen Minglian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of commercial LCD products. The main products are LCD splicing large screens, professional-level monitors (security monitors, broadcast-level monitors), LCD advertising machines, touch inquiry machines, teaching all-in-one machines, conference tablets, digital board and other cutting-edge products. As the customer's product research and development center, Minglian Technology is providing you with a full range of audio and video solutions and product providers.

At present, Minglian Technology has a number of independent intellectual property rights, has won a number of technology patents and many well-known LCD panel factories, IC manufacturers around the world have established close strategic partnerships. With strong technical research and development capabilities and production capacity, high-end quality has won unanimous recognition from domestic and foreign customers. The company's products currently include: LCD splicing screens, LCD monitors (security monitors, broadcast-level monitors), LCD advertising machines, touch all-in-one, multimedia teaching all-in-one and other industry-leading products. At present, Minglian's products are providing products and display solutions for customers in 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 69 countries and regions around the world. The fields all play an important role.

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