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Where is the vertical advertising machine more suitable?

Keywords: vertical advertising machine, LCD advertising machine Publisher : Minglian Electronics Release time: 2019-08-06
The applicable fields are as follows:
Subway station, train station, airport.
Shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, promotional counters and other public utilities: telecommunications, post offices, hospitals, schools, etc .;
Public places: subway, airport, station, gas station, toll station, bookstore, park, exhibition hall, stadium, museum, conference center, ticket sales agency, fixed talent market, lottery center;
Real estate: apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, model houses, sales offices, etc .;
Entertainment and leisure: cinemas, fitness gyms, resorts, clubs, foot baths, bars, cafes, Internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses, etc.
Hotels, commercial offices, exhibition sites, entertainment and leisure venues;
Financial institutions: banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawn shops, etc .;
Commercial institutions: large shopping malls, specialty stores, franchise stores, hypermarkets, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, drug stores, etc.
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