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How to choose a good value touch all-in-one

Keywords: touch and query all-in-one machine, touch all-in-one machinePublisher : Release time: 2019-12-25

People will feel that high-priced products are also good when they buy, because they believe that one penny is one penny. In fact, this value is wrong. Today Minglian Technology tells you what are the main points of buying a touch all-in-one machine.

Where can I know the price of the touch screen all-in-one machine ?

1. The type of screen. There are four types of touch screens on the market: five-wire resistive screens, surface acoustic wave screens, capacitive screens, and infrared screens.

2. The level of host configuration. At present, most of the CPU configuration, i3, i5 more choices, i7 because the cost is too high and less used.

How to choose a good value touch all-in-one

3. The price of the product. The price is too low, and it may be a modified machine, such as: infrared touch box, copycat software, copycat host, low sensitivity of the touch screen, writing delay, frequent failures, parameters and descriptions do not match, short touch life, three products, no factory address No factory contact number, no warranty or vague guarantee, rough casing or screen, screen display flickering, delay, not full color, bright spots, black spots and more than 3 bad spots.

4. Whether the function application is perfect. The functions of the touch screen all-in-one are integrated with TV, computer and monitor, and the mouse and keyboard are replaced by touch operation, which can realize the functions of the computer.

5. Screen size. The price of different size screens will be different. In general, the larger the screen size, the higher the price.

In fact, buying one that suits you is the most important, and you need to know that categories such as LCD advertising machines are used for display, and touch all-in-one machines are used for querying and understanding. I hope that reading this article will be helpful for everyone to buy.

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