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Touch all-in-one you must know the correct way to use

Keywords: touch and query all-in-one machine, touch all-in-one machinePublisher : Release time: 2018-01-17

Today, touch all-in-ones are not uncommon in the market in commercial streets, but after use, some problems will inevitably occur. Today, Minglian Technology will give you some ideas about the aspects of touch all-in- ones.

I. Use environment description

1.The installation point should be far away from the dusty environment, so as to prevent dirt and dust from adhering to the whole machine to affect the display and touch effect;

2. Avoid damp environment at the installation point to prevent water mist and water droplets from splashing into the whole machine, which will directly damage the machine;

3. The installation site should avoid direct sunlight and refraction, and the scene illumination should be less than 4000LUX; otherwise, strong sunlight will affect the touch effect. If you install the window by touch , it is recommended to install curtains.

4. The installation place must be ventilated, leaving 10cm to 20cm space around the touch all-in-one to ensure good ventilation; the ambient temperature must be lower than 50 degrees Celsius;

5.When installing the whole machine, please make sure that the ground wire (E pole) of the power strip is properly grounded;

6. Make sure not to shake it strongly when installing and moving the whole machine;

Operation instructions

1.Remote control instructions

"Backlight adjustment" key. Use this key to adjust the brightness of the display backlight of the touch all-in-one, in order of "high", "medium", and "low". The lower level is the darkest (or the backlight is turned off). The touch screen all-in-one has been set to the "medium" level suitable for human eyes when it leaves the factory. It is not recommended to adjust the backlight. The backlight adjustment function has a memory function, that is, what level of brightness is set before turning off, and what level of brightness is next time you turn on. If the customer accidentally adjusts the backlight to low, and the backlight is dark or no display next time. Therefore, when there is no display at power-on, it is not necessarily a malfunction of the machine. Please try to adjust the backlight with the "Backlight Adjustment" key first.

2.All-in-one operating instructions

For the first time using the interactive touch all-in-one, please make sure that the touch all-in-one and the computer power cord are plugged in. The all-in-one power switch is in the "I" position (it will light up when powered on, such as in the "O" position and will not light up) ), Make sure that the VGA signal cable (also can use HDMI cable to transmit signals) and touch USB cable are connected on the all-in-one and computer side, press the "standby" button on the remote control or the right side of the machine (the keys of different models will be in (Front) "Power" button to start the all-in-one. Please follow the order of turning on the TV first, then turning on the computer when turning on the computer, and turning off the computer, then turning off the TV when turning off. Please use the touch (or mouse, keyboard) to shut down the computer according to the normal shutdown procedure. It is not allowed to directly shut down the power, which will damage the machine hardware!

3.Touch instruction

After the computer is started for the first time, it takes about 5-10S to recognize the touch screen, so please wait for 10S after the computer is started before touching. The touch all-in-one supports 2 or more points of touch, no need to install drivers, plug and play. Please note that only systems with WIN 7 Professional and above versions can support multi-touch with more than 2 points, and XP systems only support single-point operation.

Third, safety precautions

Improper use may still cause electric shock or fire accidents. To prevent dangerous situations, please follow the instructions when installing and cleaning the machine. To ensure your safety and extend the life of your touch all-in-one, please read the following safety precautions carefully.

1. Thunderstorm: In order to avoid product damage, do not use the unit and unplug the power plug, antenna or wire circuit during a thunderstorm.

2. Power cords and sockets: Do not overload AC power sockets and extension cords. Overloading may cause fire or electric shock. The power cord should be set up properly to avoid being stepped on or pinched by objects. Please check the plug and the power cord connector of the machine. Unplug the power plug before moving the TV to avoid damaging the AC power cord and causing a fire or electric shock. The AC power plug must be fully inserted into the AC power outlet. Looseness may cause sparks and cause fire. When unplugging the AC power cord, hold the plug part, and do not pull on the power cord itself. When not using the machine for a long time, do not leave it in standby state, please unplug it from the power outlet. Use only the power source specified on the product label. The three-core power supply must be well connected to the ground to avoid the risk of electric shock. For emergency power supply, generators should be used with caution after power outages to ensure that the voltage remains stable. Generally speaking, the voltage is in the range of 100V-240V, as long as the voltage continues to be stable, not high or low, the touch all-in-one can be used normally.

Touch all-in-one you must know the correct way to use

3. Installation and use: All interfaces of this machine must be plugged and unplugged under power failure. Do not remove the back cover by yourself to prevent electric shock. There are no parts handled by the user inside the touch all-in-one. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service center of the touch all-in-one manufacturer. Do not use this unit near water, such as a bathtub, swimming pool, or a wet basement. Do not place containers (flower vases, cups, cosmetic cases) filled with water on the machine. Do not leave the unit in direct sunlight or near heat or fire sources, such as radiators, heating appliances, stoves, and other heating equipment. This machine is suitable for use in a relatively electromagnetic-free environment. If the unit is used near a strong electromagnetic field or where electromagnetic noise covers the input signal, it will cause fluctuations in the picture or sound or interference such as noise. Do not let metal or flammable objects fall into the machine, especially when children are present. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, please do the following: 1. Turn off the power immediately; 2. Unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet.

4. Cleaning: Before cleaning the machine, please unplug the power plug from the AC power socket, otherwise it may cause electric shock. Wipe the cabinet with a soft, dry cloth. Do not spray volatile compounds on the cabinet. If the case is dirty, wipe it with a neutral detergent in water and avoid touching the LCD screen. Do not use thinner, gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents to wipe the machine; when cleaning the LCD screen, be sure to use a special LCD cleaning cloth, or a very soft cotton lint-free cloth, spray with an appropriate amount of deionized water to make the cleaning cloth Slightly moist, and then wipe it gently; the LCD screen is very "delicate", the action must be light, otherwise it is easy to scratch the screen.

5. Ambient temperature: When the touch all-in-one is moved from a low-temperature environment to a high-temperature environment, or when the ambient temperature changes suddenly, the all-in-one image may become blurred, or the color quality of some screens may decline. This is because water vapor on the glass or display panel inside the all-in-one has condensed. Allow water vapor to evaporate before using the touchmonitor.

6. Moving: When moving the touch all-in-one, you must have two or more people. When moving, do not shake or shake the all-in-one too much. The all-in-one may fall and damage or cause injury.

7. Attachment: Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer of the touch all-in-one. Improper use of attached devices may cause accidents. When installing the touch all-in-one, use the base or wall-mounting bracket provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the product may fall or cause serious personal injury.

8. Ventilation: Do not insert any foreign objects into the machine through the ventilation holes or openings. There is high voltage inside the machine. Plugging in foreign objects may cause electric shock or short circuit of internal parts. For the same reason, do not splash water or other liquids into the body. Ventilation holes and other openings in the fuselage are used for ventilation. Do not cover these ventilation holes and openings as poor ventilation will cause the unit to overheat and shorten its service life. Do not place the unit on the surface of a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar object, as they may block the ventilation holes. The installation of this machine is not built-in, therefore. Do not place this unit in a closed place (such as a bookshelf or shelf) unless the ventilation is good or does not violate the manufacturer's instructions. If too much dust accumulates in the ventilation holes of the fuselage, please clean up in time.

That's all for today. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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