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How to remotely control network advertising machine

Keywords: network advertising machinePublisher : Release time: 2019-12-25

After purchasing the network advertising machine , many people do not know how to operate the network advertising machine with the network. Today we will talk about how to remotely control the network advertising machine.

As the network advertising machine gradually replaced the stand-alone version of the advertising machine, the network advertising machine began to expand the market in the media advertising industry, not only replacing the traditional advertising mode, but also the traditional stand-alone LCD advertising machine . However, What are the necessary conditions for remote control of the network advertising machine? The network advertising machine is an upgraded version of the stand-alone advertising machine. It can be edited and uploaded on the computer and then sent to the monitors in the system through the system background. This form of transmitting advertising tasks through the network is called For the "network advertising machine", it is a more convenient management advertising machine. Compared with the stand-alone version, it has more controllability and flexibility! It is mainly reflected in: remote control and easy management. For example, the Android advertising machine mainly publishes advertising tasks and management tasks through the network. The tasks can be updated anytime, anywhere. The layout is richer and the page can be uploaded in its own design style. It is more personalized. In addition, there are real-time time, weather, etc. The machine is very humanized, which saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but also more in line with the development of our modern society and makes your operation easier.

How to remotely control network advertising machine

The conditions required for remote control of the network advertising machine are:

The local area network and the network advertising machine have network functions as the name implies. Therefore, when the network advertising machine is generally connected to the network, the program is released through the background multimedia information distribution system.

The same IP: The network advertising machine requires that the IP of the machine and the IP address of the computer control end are at the same fixed IP address. If the user needs unified control of each advertising machine around the world, he can purchase a virtual server or purchase from an operator.

3 \ 4G network: If you want to use a network advertising machine without a wireless network, you can explain to the advertising machine manufacturer that there is no LAN first, and then you need to install a 3G or 4G card.

The remote control of the network advertising machine is a major feature. All multi-terminal control customers will choose this advertising machine solution. Therefore, the advertising machine manufacturer Minglian Technology reminds our users to determine whether they need remote control and multi-terminal unified before purchasing. Management and other conditions.

That's all for today. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. See you next time.

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