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How much do you know about multi-point technology in touch one

Keywords: Publisher: Release time: 2019-11-25

Touch all-in-ones and touch all- in-ones have multi-point technology in them. Today's topic is what is multi-point technology .

With the continuous updating of touch technology, multi-touch screens have received more and more attention and welcome, and they have been widely used in high-end products on the market, while adding more functions to the user interface. Simple "buttons" have evolved into more complex interactions, such as pinching two fingers to transform into other more complex gestures. In addition, in terms of collaboration, the trend to use larger touch screens in interactive applications and the need for touch sensors capable of achieving this performance are clear.

How much do you know about multi-point technology in touch one

Demand determines supply. In recent years, the increasing demand for sophisticated touch interactivity has made software and hardware companies in this field have to keep up with technical requirements to support these advanced use cases. Minglian analyzes how to use touch technology to maximize benefits.

How to fully consider the capacity of the touch point to avoid waste?

Touch sensor manufacturers are competing, and each manufacturer is striving to achieve greater touch point capacity. Although this helps drive the industry, focusing on this alone, it is easy to overlook the different touch point needs behind each individual application. Some touch sensors can now take advantage of an unlimited number of touch points. But few applications require this powerful touch interactivity. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to understand the expected effect of a particular touch screen. Specify the appropriate hardware and software to ensure that the installation will perform as expected, and save the customer's overhead to avoid unnecessary waste.

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