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How to make the touch all-in-one touch more accurate

Keywords: Touch all-in-one Publisher: Release time: 2018-02-06

The accuracy of the touch all-in-one screen is the key to improving the user experience. Therefore, improving the accuracy of the touch all-in-one screen is a very important issue for users. Long-term use will inevitably reduce the accuracy of the touch all-in-one screen. At this time, It needs to be proofread. So how to improve how to make the touch all-in-one touch more accurate ? The method is as follows:

1. (Start-up-Settings-Control Panel-Calibration Button), run the touch screen calibration procedure.

2. If it is a newly purchased touch all-in-one, you can try to delete the driver, and then disconnect the power supply of the host for 5 seconds to power on and reinstall the driver.

3. If the above method is not feasible, the reflection stripes of the sonic screen in the transmission path are slightly damaged and cannot be completely repaired. The positioning can be performed by aligning the bulls eye in the opposite direction (relative to the direction contrary to the mouse).

How to make the touch all-in-one touch more accurate

4. If the touch screen of the touch all-in-one is covered with foggy water or other things sticking to the exterior, the touch screen will mistakenly judge that the touch screen formed by the hand is inaccurate. Just wipe it clean.

5. If the sonic screen is inaccurate after running for a short period of time, it may be that the reflection stripes around the screen or the transducer is covered by dust and needs to be cleaned.

The above five points are the touch screen calibration methods provided by the touch all-in-one manufacturer Minglian Technology. If the touch screen all-in-one is used for too long and the touch screen is not accurate, you only need to follow the above five steps to calibrate.

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