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What are the three major items of touch all-in-one

Keywords: Touch all-in-one Publisher: Release time: 2018-02-07

Incorrect use will cause the touch all-in-one to conduct electricity or cause a fire accident. Therefore, there are three points to note when installing and using the touch all- in- one :

Do not use during thunderstorms: Just like a TV, it is easy to conduct electricity during thunderstorms, so in order to avoid the touchmonitor from being damaged by thunderstorms, please try not to use the touchmonitor in such weather, and you must also turn on the power Unplug it.

Continuous voltage stabilization for use in general: Generally speaking, manufacturers of touch all-in-ones will provide three-plug power cords when they leave the factory. When installing the touch all-in-ones, you should pay attention that the power cord and socket are not connected to pedestrians to avoid If you are not using the touch all-in-one for a long time, please unplug the power cord of the touch all-in-one. In general, the normal use voltage of the touch all-in-one is within the range of 100V-240V. As long as the voltage continues to be stable, not high or low, the touch all-in-one can be used normally.

What are the three major items of touch all-in-one

Keep away from abnormal use environment: What is the abnormal use environment of the touch all-in-one? Non-water source: Generally speaking, the touch all-in-one is not waterproof, so when using the touch all-in-one, please stay away from water sources, water dispensers, etc. . Do not place containers filled with water on the touchmonitor. Non-heat source: Do not expose the touch all-in-one to direct sunlight or close to fire sources, because the relative temperature of the touch all-in-one is best used at 25 ° C. Do not leave the unit in direct sunlight or near heat or fire sources , Such as radiators, heating equipment, stoves and other heating equipment. Non-electromagnetic source: Minglian touch all-in-one is suitable for use in environments without electromagnetic interference. If the unit is used near a strong electromagnetic field or where electromagnetic noise covers the input signal, it will cause fluctuations in the picture or sound or interference such as noise.

If you use the touch all-in-one in a winter environment such as Hunan, water vapor may occur inside the touch all-in-one glass or display panel. Generally, you do n’t need to worry because this is due to temperature. Changes caused, as long as the machine is turned on for a few minutes, this phenomenon will disappear.

The touch all-in-one also needs to be careful not to vibrate excessively during installation or movement. It needs to be installed in a ventilated position during installation to avoid overheating and burn the machine. At the same time, daily cleaning of the touch all-in-one must also be paid attention to.

The above three major issues are the matters that need to remind users of the use of touch all-in-one, and hope to help our users.

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