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What need to pay attention to the assembly of LCD advertising machine

Keywords: LCD advertising machine Publisher: Release time: 2018-02-07

In this intelligent era, the existence of LCD advertising machines is indispensable. LCD advertising machines are cheaper than traditional media and promotional methods. With the widespread application of LCD advertising machines, the publicity effect and cost-effectiveness advantages have gradually emerged. LCD advertising machines have been well known by the public. Next, the Minglian technicians will share the construction and assembly precautions of the LCD advertising machine for you.

LCD advertising machine structure: LCD screen + driver board + shell + speaker + player board + high voltage bar + power supply, and some are the wires inside.

A high-quality LCD advertising machine must be equipped with a high-quality LCD splicing screen and LCD splicing processor. It has high-end image processing functions such as high-definition video signal acquisition, real-time high-resolution digital image processing, and three-dimensional high-order digital filtering. It has powerful processing. ability. The processor uses a digital multi-bus parallel and digital multi-bus data routing and exchange processing mechanism, which can fundamentally guarantee full real-time processing and data consistency for all input signal sources, with no delay in images, no discretization, and no frame loss.

What need to pay attention to the assembly of LCD advertising machine

LCD advertising machine assembly matters needing attention:

1. Write the LCD driver correctly. In particular, the power-on automatically turns on and the input signal is saved, which is different from ordinary monitor or TV programs. Otherwise, the customer suddenly loses power when using it, and after calling again, he wants to restart one by one manually.

2. After assembly, the place where the cable is plugged should be glued, otherwise it will become loose due to bumps during transportation.

3, packaging must be careful, because LCD is a fragile product, it must be shipped on a wooden stand alone.

The above is the explanation of the construction and assembly precautions of LCD advertising machines. Now is an era in pursuit of efficiency. It is important to improve the human-computer interaction performance and make the machine understand more quickly and serve humanity. With the intensification of competition, the field of human-machine interface has gradually been explored and the flames of war have been ignited.

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