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What aspects of network advertising machine technology should pay attention to

Keywords: network advertising machine Publisher: Release time: 2018-02-07

The network advertising machine is no longer a hardware-based era. People value the construction and content design of the online version of the advertising machine software more and more. From the basic product-oriented to the user experience priority, then the network What aspects of advertising machine technology should pay attention to?

Due to the continuous refinement of applications, the efficiency of LCD advertising machines is mainly reflected in software development. Compared with hardware devices, software content incorporates too many subjective factors. Therefore, if you want to achieve the desired effect, you must Before purchasing, make clear the needs of consumers, build software content suitable for consumers, and push what they want in order to achieve the final sales purpose of the product. For the design of push content, the merchant must first lock the audience, and use this as the core to determine the playback form, place, and update frequency.

What aspects of network advertising machine technology should pay attention to

In the process of content design and production, there must be divergent thinking, not limited to the traditional network advertising machine, and the courage to promote the creation of borders. On the premise of firming their goals, actively guide the market trend rather than blindly follow. For the software itself, you must not blindly pursue rich functions when you build it, because more functions not only means more investment costs, but also more complicated operation processes. Most users do n’t have professional knowledge. The overly complicated operation interface is only Will reduce the use efficiency, so when choosing software functions, you still have to choose the one that suits you according to your own needs. At the same time, in order to ensure the efficient application of the system, businessmen must pay attention to the openness of the system in order to keep up with the pace of industry development and avoid being eliminated prematurely. Speaking of the hardware equipment of the Android network advertising machine, at present, it mainly includes the LCD advertising machine display and player equipment. As the trend-leading equipment, they are the main force of the technological innovation of advertising machine manufacturers, not only the update speed, The variety is even more varied. Taking the display of the network advertising machine as an example, every two to three years, the display of the network version of the advertising machine will be lighter and brighter, more efficient in terms of power consumption, and provide higher resolution. In addition, there are LCD screens, LCD splicing screen , small pitch LED large screen and many other options.

At present, network advertising machines mainly include Android advertising machines and wireless wifi advertising machines. In terms of technology, we should continue to develop multimedia LCD advertising machines that can meet market operators and mainstream systems. We should also combine user experience while making custom advertising machines. It can be centralized and unified, so it is a good choice whether it is from the consumer or the advertising machine manufacturer .

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