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Media concept and application of wall-mounted advertising machine

Keywords: Wall-mounted advertising machine, LCD advertising machine Publisher: Wall-mounted advertising machine Release time: 2019-04-26

Wall-mounted advertising machine is a brand-new media concept. It refers to multimedia that publishes business, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display devices in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobby, restaurants, theaters and other public places. Professional audiovisual system.

Media concept and application of wall-mounted advertising machine

The network version of the LCD advertising machine has a strong client for software support. It can control the broadcast content over the Internet for long distances. It can freely distinguish the broadcast area and can display video, images, text, time, weather forecast and other content together. As long as a network connection is established, no If personnel need to operate on site, they can go through the client to handle the software, complete the long-distance operation of the advertising machine without leaving home, and upload, download, and delete the storage device. Other application software also has some humanized functions such as log and data management, which greatly improves security and reliability.

System composition. The wall-mounted advertising machine system is the latest Android system, with new skills, diverse applications, and simple operation. It has functions such as timed switching on and off, urgent insertion, setting of remark information, and synchronous broadcasting. It supports video / image / text scrolling subtitles / minutes. Screen and full-screen broadcasting (video / image), the text setting interface can choose various font sizes or colors of the background, and can freely distinguish many different categories of images and rolling subtitles according to the actual situation. Support text, image rollover, support customization of broadcast template. In addition, the advertising machine supports multiple formats decoding, built-in storage device, and can automatically broadcast after sending the required files to the storage device, and can also set some settings for the broadcast through the network, which are unmatched by TVs.

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