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Commercial display solutions

usiness Display Solutions
  • Intelligent guidance solutions for airports and stations

    The locomotive and station multimedia intelligent guidance and information release system is based on the station's internal network platform. Through this system, users can build a centralized, professional, intelligent and decentralized network ...

  • School Interactive Education Solution

    With the continuous development of multimedia technology and the popularization of computer-aided teaching, the use of multimedia for environmental teaching is the trend of teaching development and the need for teaching reform. Multimedia teaching ...

  • Commercial exhibition and large-scale performance display solution

    Commercial exhibitions are one of the important economic activities in modern cities, and they are also the image and window of a city or a country. Commercial exhibitions will become China's economic growth ...

  • Hotel and shopping mall commercial display solutions

    Nowadays, the Internet has widely entered people's lives, and old media such as radio and television are declining. Advertising machine is a colorful source of information. It often appears in commercial buildings, ...