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Hotel and shopping mall commercial display solutions

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Hotel and shopping mall commercial display solutions

Nowadays, the Internet has widely entered people's lives, and old media such as radio and television are declining. Advertising machine is a colorful source of information. It often appears in commercial buildings, supermarkets, KTVs, hospitals, communities, restaurants, subways and other places. Through it, people can learn the latest information at any time and obtain valuable information. The advertising machine uses audio-visual and text interaction on the LCD screen, and the LED screen displays more vivid and creative advertising.

Demand analysis

(1) Multimedia advertising platform: set up advertising machines at appropriate locations in the mall, such as: "elevator entrances, cashiers, mall entrances", etc., which can play different advertisement contents or can be played consistently.

(2) Supporting service information release: Advertising machines can be set up in the hotel lobby to display prices and the display of room facilities to facilitate customers' selection and check-in.

Program Implementation

With the popularity of LCD advertising machines and the popularity of flat-panel display devices such as plasma LCDs, dedicated network players have replaced traditional pure DVD or PC playback formats, and have a professional digital media information distribution system, which enables different terminals in the same system to distinguish audiences. mode. The main application areas are the following:

1. Commercial building: Commercial building is a business place that integrates business, entertainment, catering and fitness. The function of its advertising machine: (1) to guide the behavior of customers. (2) Meet the needs of customers. (3) Effective product promotion. (4) Publish real-time lol赛事竞猜.

2. Elevator entrances and elevator rooms: escalators, sightseeing elevators, etc. usually use product video promotions when customers are waiting for rest, to facilitate customers to understand the mall, to shape the brand image of the mall, and to broadcast weather forecasts, clocks and other information. Increase ratings.

3. Entertainment and leisure places: Entertainment and leisure places always have uninterrupted people, the most densely populated places. Many restaurants have advertising machines in front of them to show visitors the menu and main menus, order meals independently, and pick up numbers, which is convenient for customers to wait. Wait.

Program highlights

1. Strong anti-interference: Consumers enter the supermarket to buy goods, and their attention is on the shelves. Using multimedia to advertise next to the goods can deprive consumers of their attention.

2. Novel form: It is the most fashionable and innovative form of advertising in the mall.

3. Effectively cooperate with advertising: 1% of TV advertising costs and 100% of deepening TV advertising effects can be consistent with the content of TV advertising.

4. Long advertising period: It can be carried out for a long time, and it can be continuously promoted for 365 days a year, without manual maintenance, and the cost performance is high.

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