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Commercial exhibition and large-scale performance display solution

Keywords: LCD Video Publisher: Updated: 2018-07-06 13:47
Commercial exhibition and large-scale performance display solution

Commercial exhibitions are one of the most important economic activities in modern cities, and they are also a city or country's external image and window. Various commercial exhibitions will become hot spots for China's economic growth. With the development of popular elements, many people stand out and become singers, actors, etc. Large-scale performances will also bring them growth and bring a shocking audiovisual feast to the audience.

Program highlights

1. Optional splicing method: the number of LCD splicing can be selected arbitrarily [row (mm) * column (mm)], there are many choices of screen size to meet the needs of different use occasions.

2. Flexible and splicing display combination function: can be customized according to different user requirements, select single screen display, full screen display, arbitrary combination display, image roaming, image overlay and other functions.

3. Environmental protection and health: LCD splicing has low heat generation, no radiation, no flicker, no eye damage, and does not contain harmful substances (such as lead, tribute, chromium and cadmium, etc.).

Longer service life: After a long period of use, each LCD screen used in the LED splicing display has the same brightness, contrast, and chromaticity, and it also ensures that the service life of the display is not less than 60,000 hours.

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