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School Interactive Education Solution

Keywords: teaching one machine Posted by: Updated: 2018-07-06 13:51
School Interactive Education Solution

With the continuous development of multimedia technology and the popularization of computer-aided teaching, the use of multimedia for environmental teaching is the trend of teaching development and the need for teaching reform. The advantages of multimedia teaching in environmental teaching can simplify and visualize abstract chemical problems, which is conducive to stimulating learning interest, increasing teaching capacity and teaching information. In addition, the advantages of intuitiveness, flexibility, and novelty of multimedia teaching have made it possible to quickly apply multimedia technology to major universities in just a few years.

Program Implementation

The multimedia touch all-in-one machine is a touch display combined with a modern PC, which has a touch display and a computer operation function as a whole. Through the integration of the two parts, a multimedia tool with touch interaction, video, audio, image, animation, and computer network functions has been realized.

Application functions:

? 1, instead of the projector screen: high brightness, low reflectance, full HD materials.

2. Ordinary whiteboard: It can be used for writing, drawing, and making forms on the whiteboard with various colors.

3. Interactive control: The touch screen can be controlled and operated interactively with the computer, without the need to go back and forth between the whiteboard and the computer.

4, network sharing, remote communication: the same network can achieve application sharing, file transfer, whiteboard and other functions.

Program Highlights

1. Luxurious appearance: (1) luxurious large screen, metal material, aluminum alloy wire drawing process, elegant color, can give the audience the biggest visual impact and touch feeling. (2) Ergonomic design, easy to operate.

2, multimedia functions: (1) integrated handwriting function and computer network technology, more functions and more practical. (2) Combining advanced multimedia production tools, text, images, animations, high-definition video, audio, electronic files, Internet information and other multimedia materials to vividly show to the audience

3. Humanized operation: (1) This series of products can be digitally written and multimedia edited, and the demonstration can replace the blackboard, which is convenient for teachers' courseware teaching. (2) Teachers can save all blackboard content and record teaching process of each lesson

4. Application areas: (1) Education and training areas: early childhood education, primary and secondary school teaching, university teaching, corporate training, and vocational education. (2) Office training: business training, product promotion, project exhibition, information release, department meetings. (3) Others: multi-functional report hall, command room, court, etc.

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