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Intelligent guidance solutions for airports and stations

Keywords: wall advertising, floor advertising Publisher: Updated: 2018-07-06 13:56
Intelligent guidance solutions for airports and stations

The locomotive and station multimedia intelligent guidance and information release system is based on the station's internal network platform. Through this system, users can build a centralized, professional, intelligent, and decentralized network platform to provide powerful information editing, transmission, release, and management services. Videos, pictures, web pages, and rolling captions, from the center to the terminal stations, reservation halls, waiting rooms and other display terminals through the network, free passengers from the problem of queuing for tickets, boring waiting for cars.

Program implementation

The specific implementation of the intelligent guidance and release information system solution of Minglian Airport Station is as follows:

1. System management side: It mainly produces programs, releases programs, audits management, system monitoring, broadcast schedule management, system rights management and other functions.

2. Playback of outlets: Play according to a strict schedule, playlist, and schedule. For example: insert messages, on-site inquiry, outlet monitoring and other functions.

Program highlights

1. Improve service quality: Through the information release and guidance system, the LCD TV Internet of the station is combined into a comprehensive service platform for passenger service information, lol赛事竞猜 information, entertainment and other practical service information, and passengers can easily watch the program while waiting in the station. .

2. Improve service details: The information release and guidance system can be carried out in the LED system, connected to the existing large LED screen, can issue railway train arrival notifications, dynamic forecast systems, comprehensive information display and other service systems, and comprehensively improve station services detail.

3. Value-added advertising: It can organically combine relevant advertisements and services inside and outside the station. It has strong practicability and high attention. It attracts widespread attention from passengers and can produce overlapping advertising effects.

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