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    Briefly explain the seven advantages of elevator advertising machine

    Elevator advertising is a new type of advertising media, which refers to the advertising carrier produced and published on the inner walls of elevators in urban buildings. There are various types of elevator advertisements, mainly business elevators and building elevators. The main form of expression is to install a photo frame in the elevator car. There is also a ...

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    Possible Problems and Solutions in Using LCD Advertising Players

    The network advertising machine in Minglian LCD advertising machine is the most popular form of advertising machine today. The network advertising machine can broadcast media materials to some or all of the playback boxes through the live server, more complete ...

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    Minglian electronic LCD vertical advertising machine application 4S shop

    In recent years, some well-known international brand companies and car manufacturers have started a large number of LCD advertising machine information release systems, which have promoted car sales, promoted car brands, car production companies, etc ...

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    Wall hanging advertising machine installation skills and precautions-Minglian electronic answer

    In recent years, as LCD advertising machines have gradually replaced traditional paper-based publicity methods, they have become more and more popular with customers in different industries. Wall-mounted advertising machine is a common type of advertising machine, and is different from vertical ...

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    Connotative LCD advertising machine, how to use the business

    The LCD advertising machine can help businesses to do brand marketing activities. For consumers, it can bring lively fun activities and create a different interaction with the video content ...

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    What advantages does the Minglian LCD advertising machine bring to the mall advertising?

    ? There is a lot of people in the mall. When we go shopping or shopping in the mall, we often see an LCD advertising machine with a beautiful appearance and touch function, which is composed of a base and a display.

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    LCD advertising machine! Teach you to choose the one that applies to you?

    The unique spread of LCD advertising machines can attract customers' attention to a large extent and is very popular, and because of the new communication methods can bring new popularity, more and more businesses have set up LCD advertising machines, implement The spread of trends. But choose the ad player ...

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    Vertical advertising machine or wall advertising machine? Minglian helps you choose the right one

    Usually we see that LCD advertising machines come in various shapes, but how do we choose better? Vertical advertising machines are better than wall-mounted advertising machines? Today, an old technician of Minglian advertising machine manufacturers told you how to Choose a large screen advertising player that suits your needs. ...

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    Analysis of custom LCD advertising machine market trends

    Customization will realize the market for LCD advertising players. In recent years, the customized advertising player industry has ushered in rapid development. In 2017, the industry revenue scale exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the market penetration rate still has much room for improvement. ...

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    [Ming Lian Ji] Ming Lian was invited to be shortlisted by the Central CCTV Discovery Brand——China's Preferred Brand

    Spring in April, Minglian people are as busy as ever in the production of LCD advertising machines, touch all-in-ones, LCD splicing screens and other commercial display products; the sales department also receives domestic and foreign customers every day for him ...