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What if the touch all-in-one and printing press are integrated into one?

Keywords: Touch one machine Publisher: Release time: 2018-01-29

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the touch all-in-one, then the touch all-in-one knows that the touch all-in-one is not only used in malls or airports, it can even be used in factories, then the theme today is the combination of touch all-in-one and printing machine What will happen .

Modern printing presses generally consist of mechanisms such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding. When it is working, it first makes the text and images to be printed into a printing plate, installs it on a printing machine, and then applies ink to the printing plate where there are text and images by a manual or printing machine. Remove the excess ink and transfer it directly or indirectly to paper or other substrates to reproduce the same printed matter as the printing plate.

What if the touch all-in-one and printing press are integrated into one?

The printer and the touch all-in-one are docked, and the content to be printed is presented one by one on the large touch screen display. The operator can select contrast patterns and other contents through the large screen touch, and then perform typesetting adjustment printing. Operation also saves a lot of time!

The printing machine chooses to connect the touch all-in-one machine, which has more advantages and convenience than the ordinary computer display touch all-in-one machine. The display resolution of 1920x1080P is 1207mmx678M, and the high-definition resolution of 1920x1080P is matched with the performance of the host computer. Through the large-screen touch selection, the high-definition resolution can let people see if there are any deficiencies in the picture or structure, and also re-modify through the large screen.

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