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Connotative LCD advertising machine, how to use the business

Keywords: LCD advertising machine, touch LCD advertising machine manufacturer Publisher: LCD advertising machine Release time: 2019-04-22

The LCD advertising machine can help businesses to do brand marketing activities. For consumers, it can not only bring lively and interesting activities, but also create a different way of interaction with the video content that is put in place for direct communication and communication. Communicate, gain new perceptions, and let consumers experience the benefits of goods in person.

The traditional TV audience is a relatively "static" crowd fixed in a certain place. The object of touching the LCD advertising machine includes the floating population in various types of transportation vehicles and crowded areas in the city. It is targeted at the floating population, which makes the LCD advertising machine have With a vast living space, the application of the LCD advertising system can be extended to various systems such as urban buses, subways, taxis and even railway trains.

Connotative LCD advertising machine, how to use the business

The touch all-in-one machine uses somatosensory control, and does not require any media such as a mouse and a handle. It can be remotely controlled directly through physical movements. Most young consumer groups now love novel technologies and also play. It is believed that somatosensory technology can attract and gather passenger flow.

Mirror advertising machines can be used in public areas such as shopping mall bathrooms, elevators, etc. These places can provide business information and discount activities. When dressing up in front of mirror advertising machines, mirror advertising will immediately come into view. While looking in the mirror, businesses can spread advertising messages "face to face."

LCD advertising machine manufacturers can display information in various public areas of the hotel. Such as: lobby, floors, elevators, conference halls, etc. These places can broadcast and provide a full range of hotel service information.

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