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Minglian electronic LCD vertical advertising machine application 4S shop

Keywords: Vertical advertising machine, LCD advertising machine Publisher: Wall-mounted advertising machine Release time: 2019-07-17
In recent years, some well-known international brand companies and car manufacturers have started to launch LCD advertising machine information publishing systems in large numbers, which has promoted car sales and improved the image of car brands and car manufacturers. It has played a significant advantage. Auto 4S shops as auto manufacturers A new business model derived to better meet customer service needs, stands out from the fierce competition. Minglian Electronics: Case of 4S shop for LCD advertising machine in automobile.
Minglian electronic LCD vertical advertising machine application 4S shop

At present, the traditional promotion and sales methods of 4S shop auto products of major brands include website promotion, TV media advertisements, display boards in 4S shops, DM leaflets and oral introductions of car salesmen.

Automobile 4s shop application network advertising machine information display system. The solution we provide is aimed at potential customers. In the brand car 4s shop, a panel display that integrates a variety of information includes:

1.Sale (data collection, transaction network management, etc.);

2, after-sales (entertainment programs, auto parts, vehicle interiors, brand collections, etc.);

3.Pre-sales (model display, interior display, performance display, etc.);

Through dynamic vehicle introductions and visualized advertising content, the customer's desire to purchase is improved subtly. Through the display of the LCD network wall-mounted advertising machine , inform customers of the various opportunities and services provided by the store. Or holiday special services or discounts.

The automobile 4s shop network advertising machine integrates multiple elements such as video, pictures, text, etc., including flexible playback methods such as loop, carousel, and insert. The information publishing system can deliver more and richer information to customers. The vivid, image, comprehensive and profound publicity effect has enriched the communication with customers, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated the pace of 4s stores towards an international, professional and networked automotive service group.

For automotive 4s stores, Minglian Electronics provides first-class online advertising player multimedia information delivery services. In addition to reflecting its overall brand image, its shocking visual impact and timely information delivery function will be 4s in the long run. Shop creates more wealth.
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