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Possible Problems and Solutions in Using LCD Advertising Players

Keywords: LCD advertising Publisher : Minglian Electronics Release time: 2019-09-26

The network advertising machine in Minglian LCD advertising machine is the most popular form of advertising machine today.

Through the live broadcast server, the network advertising machine can synchronously play media materials on some or all of the playback boxes, more comprehensive network terminal fault monitoring, can automatically generate fault dispatch tickets and issue them to maintenance personnel, and the multimedia playback system uses intelligent management on the player side. The module realizes remote management and control of the player, and implements a complete network protocol and remote management and control functions on the server side. It can realize flexible management of remote terminals, which can centralize and unify hundreds or thousands of players. Management, can also be hierarchically partitioned for distributed management.

Compared with the online version of the advertising machine, it supports network updates, can set the IP of the box through the network, copy, delete, and update the files in the box, support the time synchronization between the playback terminal and the server, and a complete background management system that can User operation provides management, protection contract management, material statistics, log analysis, etc., and provides analysis of bar charts and pie charts.

Such a convenient form is loved by merchants, but in the process of use, some problems will be encountered:

1.Network coverage

When using the network advertising machine, be sure to have a good and stable network coverage, otherwise, the empty machine cannot be used.

2.The mapping address of the server and the terminal must always be consistent

Because the network advertising machine controls the entire advertising machine through the wireless terminal, the mapping address of the server must be consistent with the terminal machine to ensure normal operation.

3. Administrator requirements

When using the operation, the requirements for the administrator appear, you need to understand the computer and network related knowledge, and to be able to master the skills to operate the server software as required. Only by doing so can we avoid interruption and destruction during operation.

Minglian advertising machine manufacturers believe that in the process of use, only by paying attention to the emergence of these small problems, can bring greater benefits to users.

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