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Briefly explain the seven advantages of elevator advertising machine

Keywords: Elevator advertising machine, building advertising machinePublisher: Minglian Electronics Release time: 2019-10-16

Elevator advertising is a new type of advertising media, which refers to the advertising carrier produced and published on the inner walls of elevators in urban buildings. There are various types of elevator advertisements. They are mainly commercial elevators and building elevators. The main forms of advertisement are elevators installed in the elevator car into a photo frame. There is also an advertisement directly installed on the elevator door. Let's take a look at the advantages of elevator advertising machine with the introduction of Xiaobian.

Briefly explain the seven advantages of elevator advertising machine

Advantage one: Persistence

Since the elevator advertising machine is placed on the elevator interior door closed by the passenger car of the elevator, the advertisement screen is instantly transmitted to everyone who is taking the elevator without any omissions. The ad impact of the close-up picture many times a day deepens the audience's lasting memory of the ad picture.

Advantage 2: Targeted

Elevator advertising machine media are all located in urban high-end office buildings, noble residential communities, apartments, hotels, commercial buildings and other buildings. The audience covered is mainly middle- and high-class white-collar workers, supplemented by social celebrities, middle- and senior-level government officials, and private business owners. They have high income, high quality, high education, and high spending power. The information dissemination of the elevator advertising machine is highly targeted, and it is difficult for other media to capture this group in a concentrated and accurate manner.

Advantage three: exclusivity

Wide audience coverage, zero-distance lock-in audience, elevator advertising machine has a strong visual impact; 100% effective arrival rate, without any advertising interference, can effectively occupy the terminal market, truly achieve 100% of the effective use of invested capital, no Any wasted inventory

Advantage 4: Complementarity

Elevator advertising machine is an organic combination of dynamic audiences and static advertising content. It makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional TV and lol赛事竞猜papers and other traditional media, and maximizes the full range of information published by the ads on points, lines, faces, pictures, and text Propagation effect

Advantage five: high frequency

The audience of the elevator advertising machine contacts the elevator several times a day, and at the same time contacts the media advertisement, and the frequency of repeated reading is very high. Can help customers fight the battle, do product promotions, quickly increase brand awareness in the city, sales have doubled

Advantage six: mandatory

People ride an elevator more than four times a day on average. Due to the small space and boring time when taking an elevator, the elevator advertising machine is the only consumer stimulus. Its reading is compulsory and customer motivated, and the advertisement is impressed.

Advantage seven: crowd sex

Data market survey data show that among the audience of building elevator advertising machines , 84.2% of people will naturally turn their attention to the content played on the advertising machine while waiting for the elevator, and more than half of the people will pay attention to the above Content, so the building advertising machine still has a relatively large audience.

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[A brief description of the seven advantages of elevator advertising machine]