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    What are the advantages of a modern campus teaching touch machine

    Nowadays, more and more schools use the teaching touch all-in-one instead of the original black book for teaching. Why is there such a development trend? What are the benefits of using the touch all-in-one in kindergarten teaching? First of all ...

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    Briefly explain the seven advantages of elevator advertising machine

    Elevator advertising is a new type of advertising media, which refers to the advertising carrier produced and published on the inner walls of elevators in urban buildings. There are various types of elevator advertisements, mainly business elevators and building elevators. The main form of expression is to install a photo frame in the elevator car. There is also a ...

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    Possible Problems and Solutions in Using LCD Advertising Players

    The network advertising machine in Minglian LCD advertising machine is the most popular form of advertising machine today. The network advertising machine can broadcast media materials to some or all of the playback boxes through the live server, more complete ...

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    What's the use of building wall-mounted advertising machine?

    The building LCD advertising machine is simple and stylish in appearance, functional and practical. The residential building crowd is concentrated and highly targeted, so the advertising conversion rate is high. First, the community building advertising machine has ...

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    What is the LCD floor standing advertising machine?

    The floor-mounted advertising machine is a relatively large advertising machine. Its name is floor-standing (vertical). Of course, he is placing it on the ground. This type generally appears in large supermarkets, KFC, McDonald's, etc. And when the spatial range is relatively large, it is ...

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    Where is the vertical advertising machine more suitable?

    The applicable fields are as follows: subway stations, railway stations, airports. Shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, promotional counters, etc. Public utilities: telecommunications, post offices, hospitals, schools, etc .; public places ...

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    How to choose elevator advertising machine? Minglian Electronics

    The elevator advertising machine can be wall-mounted and placed on the inside and outside of the elevator. The overall size is determined according to the size of the place, and the outside can be placed on the vertical screen of the Minglian floor-mounted advertising machine. ...

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    Which is the most suitable elevator advertising machine size?

    The commonly used is a 18 5 inch +10 1 dual screen advertising machine. This size has been tested by Minglian Electronics for 13 years. Its stability, weight and power are suitable for use in elevators. ...

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    Minglian electronic LCD vertical advertising machine application 4S shop

    In recent years, some well-known international brand companies and car manufacturers have started a large number of LCD advertising machine information release systems, which have promoted car sales, promoted car brands, car production companies, etc ...

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    What are the advantages of wall-mounted advertising machine and vertical advertising machine?

    The wall-mounted advertising machine is mainly fixed on the wall, which can effectively save space and is suitable for small business places. The vertical advertising machine can be placed in a dense crowd to facilitate the touch interaction function. ...